How To Overcome Artist’s Block

How To Overcome Artist’s Block

Any creative person goes through a phase when ideas seem to run dry, and art inspiration becomes sorely lacking. It’s a common dilemma that links all of the creative fields together, and plagues every artist. However, suffering from artist’s block doesn’t mean you’ve lost your artistic ability- it can be overcome. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing again!

  1. Get up and take a walk- There’s nothing like fresh air to help clear your head. Set aside some time so you can stop and smell (or maybe paint) the roses. By simply getting out of your chair, exploring your own neighborhood, paying attention to the houses and sidewalks rather than staying stuck in your workspace, can help reenergize you.
  2. Explore with new materials and tools- Don’t feel confined to one way of creating. Be brave and try something new. Don’t limit yourself- there’s pottery, printmaking, painting, composing, and so much more that can be tried. When you practice another form that is uncomfortable or unfamiliar, the results may bring you to new and interesting directions in your own creative path!
  3. Find an alternate point of view- Being with a new crowd of people who have different experiences and skills can open up new perceptions and help tear down blinders. Study their styles and figure out what makes them unique. Pay close attention to subject matter, color schemes, their favorite phrases, etc.
  4. Keep a sketchbook- You can doodle, write down inspiring quotes, or even paste receipts into your sketchbook! Jot down ideas as they come to you, or snap a photo of things that catch your eye. Try to add something to your sketchbook everyday and make it a daily practice. In time, you will have a visual journey of ideas documented and be able to look back on your thoughts.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep- One thing that could be causing your creative rut is your brain being overworked. So turn it off and get some sleep. Who knows, maybe you’ll have an interesting dream that motivates you!

We know that artist’s block is something no artist wants to encounter but unfortunately, is unavoidable. So view this difficult time as an opportunity to grow as an artist. Learn new skills, study the masters, find new inspiration, and create something different!


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