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How young Artists can improve their art

If you are consistently striving to become a better artist, your dream of becoming a better artist may not be as far as it might seem.  Here are few tips you should consider when creating your art.

Tips for young artists to improve their art:

1-      Inspirational Work Environment: Work Environment plays a very important role in art and design. The workplace of an artist should be clean as well as organized. Use good light, organize your brushes and paper, it will improve your creativity and efficiency.

  • Practice: We all know practice makes us perfect. To become a better artist devote your time in practicing. It will help you to improve your art. Especially focus on those areas that are the weakest for you. With a lot of practice you’ll get better and better. Attend training seminars to pick up some new skills.

3-      To begin with one should have concept first: If you want to improve your art, there should be a concept in your mind or sketchbook before you begin. Concept is like a roadmap that keeps you on the path.

  • Be authentic: Authenticity is a key of uniqueness. It is defined in several ways. It can be the quality, style or freshness of art. So always try to create such art that hasn’t been done before.

5-       Keep art Simple:  Simple art always attracts people. They are easier to view and allow the viewer to focus on the primary objects.

6-      Ask for an honest Feedback: As an artist always ask for an honest feedback for your art. Ask people you know personally to critique your art, not just some strangers on the web. Ask them how it makes them feel, what they think about your art, what they see as needing improvement.

  • Always work on the object you love most: An artist can draw an object well when he
  • Starts the artwork with an easy subject
  • Picks the topic from day to day life
  • Sets a short time duration for the artwork


8- Dedication: Each artist has His/her own pace of progress which is individual specific so be patient and dedicated, after all these are the key factors contributing to the success of every artist.

To Conclude:

Good art is timeless. It is an effective combination of concept and vision. It also stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different. Hope these tips will help your continual growth as an artist.


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