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Today, Canvas has become the most common medium on which oil painting is made and has replaced wooden panels. A typical canvas is stretched across a wooden frame and is coated with ‘gesso’ before oil paints are used to cover the canvas length. The type of canvas used for painting will depend on the type of paints that have to be applied over it.
Different painters like to work with different paints as per their choice. The one peculiar feature of every canvas is that it will require a different coating over it. Accordingly, there are three different types of canvas that can be used by a painter.
Oil Canvas
An oil canvas is reserved solely for oil paints. Most commonly, an oil canvas will use a Zinc coating to act as a primer and will be bound with linseed oil. Once this step is achieved, the canvas will be allowed to dry for almost three days where it will be dried naturally by air. A further coating of titanium white will be given to the canvas after which it will need drying for almost ten days. The canvas is deemed ready for painting after this.
Absorbent canvas
These canvases use two layers of primer, which is made with chalk and bound with glue. As this primer is mostly water based, oven drying technique can be used for drying the coats of primer, after which it can be used for painting.
Universal Canvas
This type of canvas is prepared much like the absorbent canvases with the difference lying solely in the two layers of primer which are titanium white based in this case.
Preparing a canvas is pertinent to ensure that a painting may remain durable. Post the drying process, every canvas is cut in the desired sizes, rolled up, wrapped in damp proof paper and dispatched for the customer to paint his imagination on it.
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