How can modern day artists use social media to promote their art

Technology is evolving with each day and shaping our lives in newer dimensions with its multi-faceted reach. More effectively, the social networking scenario is enhancing the way people use the World Wide Web and utilise its innumerable services. In a very short span of time, social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have got people engaged on their handles and have brought the world on one platform with its expansive reach. Though, how one uses these platforms to communicate with a group or many people at large, is widely ruled by a set of basic communication tactics. The following sets of basic do’s and don’t guide how exactly you should be behaving on online media to promote your art.


– Online space is treated equally as physical presence these days. The rule of ‘first impression is the last impression’ stays true even on social media.

– The fast changing environment of social media demands constant updating. If your content or art is put up on long intervals, you might not be able to attract much attention to your work.

– Decide in advance and focus on why exactly you are taking the aid of a social media platform. Whether you want to display your work of art, or whether you want to publicise yourself as an artist, make sure you send targeted messages to your audience accordingly.

– Make your content postings consistent. Posting works of art on a particular topic will help your audience to connect with you.

– Offer engaging content and posts to your audience. Keep your audience well fed with quality art works that attract newer audiences and enhance the reading experience of existing viewers.

– Participate in posts and pages related to art work so that you can get publicity for your name.


– Once you have started the effort of creating an online space for your art work or blogs on art, try not to defame your reputation by forwarding any impersonal messages.

– Your social media effort must be directed towards creating name and fame for yourself and your art work. Do not try to create monetisation opportunities out of this space.

– In the quest of earning quick fame, do not indulge in actions that will actually start driving away traffic from your page or profile. Keep your content relevant and engaging at all times.

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